Launcher UIΒΆ

This React web application provides an interactive form that enables you to configure and launch an OVE App. It provides the option to also delete existing sections in the space into which the new section is launched.

It will also display the curl command(s) that can be used to repeat this action at the command line.

The launcher UI can be accessed by opening the URL http://OVE_CORE_HOST:PORT/ui/launcher with a web browser.

Before using the launcher UI, you will need to host the content that you plan to load into the respective applications: for more information on hosting content for OVE, see the Usage page.

The list of available spaces is fetched from the OVE instance specified by the REACT_APP_OVE_HOST environment variable; if a space that you expect to see is not listed, check that this is set correctly.

Note that the launcher can only be used to create sections that lie entirely within a space: if your chosen goemetry does not lie entirely within a space, you will be shown a form validation error.