Open Visualisation EnvironmentΒΆ

Open Visualisation Environment (OVE) is an open-source software stack, designed to be used in large scale visualisation environments. OVE was developed to meet the requirements of controlling the Data Observatory at the Data Science Institute of Imperial College London, but it is not specialized for that purpose.

OVE can be used for visual analytics on Large High Resolution Displays, for presentations, or for collaborative group work. It allows a user to control the display of content in web browsers distributed across multiple computers by implementing a microservices architecture that allows the distributed execution of applications using web technologies.

The main components of OVE are OVE Core, which controls sections and the applications running within them and OVE Apps, which provide a set of useful applications for common tasks such as displaying webpages, images or videos and drawing graphs.

OVE Services provides core functionality microservices within OVE such as the Persistence Service, which is used to compute absolute positions in pixels from positions expressed relative to a grid or as a percentage of the total space size.

OVE Asset Manager provides an Asset Manager backend that manages files in an object store, a user interface for this manager, a collection of workers to asynchronously process uploaded files (e.g., to create tiles from an image, or expand a zipped archived), and a Read Proxy that can efficiently serve files from the object store.

OVE also provides user interfaces and software development kits that can be used to design and develop projects.