.OTV File FormatΒΆ

The .OTV (OVE Tiled Video) file format can be used to load a tiled video using the videos app. This file needs to have a structure similar to:

  "width": 7680,
  "height": 4320,
  "rows": 4,
  "cols": 4,
  "format": "mp4"

The width and the height properties describes the total width and height of all video tiles. The rows and cols properties describes the number rows and columns that are available within these bounds (or the number of tiles, in other words). The format property describes the file format of the videos. The above example defines a 8K video in a 16:9 aspect ratio with each tile in HD quality.

In addition to this file, the video player expects the list of videos to be available in a folder alongside it. The name of the folder is of a specific format - for a file named FILENAME.otv the folder must be FILENAME_files. Within this folder, there must be a sub-folder named 0. This path segment is intended to specify a zoom-level for future versions of the tiled video player but is currently not used and must always be 0. Within this sub-folder the corresponding video tiles must be provided in a COLUMN_ROW.FORMAT. In the above example, the video 0_0.mp4 represents the tile at the top-left and the video 3_3.mp4 represents the tile at the bottom-right.