HTML App to play the video of the HTML app

This app supports displaying HTML web pages using the OVE framework.

Each OVE Client which overlaps the section in which the HTML App is loaded creates an iframe that containing the whole web page: the width and height properties of this frame are set to the dimensions of the whole section, and a CSS transform of type translate is applied to shift the content so that the correct portion is displayed.

Loading the whole page within each OVE Client is inevitably somewhat inefficient. If you are loading a map or tiled image, it will be more efficient to use the corresponding OVE App, for which each client will load and render only what it needs to display.

Seen above is a video of the HTML app rendering the webgl - animation - keyframes example from three.js displaying the model Littlest Tokyo by Glen Fox recorded in HD resolution at the Imperial College Data Science Institute’s Data Observatory.


The HTML app hosts within it a number of utilities useful for another OVE app or a generic web page:

  1. Background Utility
  2. Distributed.js Library

Application State

The state of this app has a format similar to:

    "url": "http://my.domain"

The url, property is mandatory. Optionally, launchDelay and changeAt properties can be provided to control the initial delay to pre-load the contents of the web page and the precise time at which all clients will change the page they display.

Launching the App

All OVE applications can be launched using the Launcher UI, the Python Client Library, and the OVE APIs. The API used to launch an application is the same for all applications, but the data that is passed into it is application-specific.

To launch the HTML app and load a web page using the OVE APIs:


curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST --data '{"app": {"url": "http://OVE_CORE_HOST:PORT/app/html","states": {"load": {"url": "http://my.domain"}}}, "space": "OVE_SPACE", "h": 500, "w": 500, "y": 0, "x": 0}' http://OVE_CORE_HOST:PORT/section


curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST --data "{\"app\": {\"url\": \"http://OVE_CORE_HOST:PORT/app/html\", \"states\": {\"load\": {\"url\": \"http://my.domain\"}}}, \"space\": \"OVE_SPACE\", \"h\": 500, \"w\": 500, \"y\": 0, \"x\": 0}" http://OVE_CORE_HOST:PORT/section

If the HTML app is used to display static web pages no further controlling would be required after the web page has been loaded. The app provides a controller and exposes API that can used to control interactive web pages.

Controlling the App

The controller of the app can be loaded by accessing the URL http://OVE_CORE_HOST:PORT/app/html/control.html?oveSectionId=SECTION_ID.

The app’s API also exposes a refresh operation. This operation can be executed on an individual web page or across all web pages.

To refresh a web page that is already loaded, using OVE APIs:

curl  --request POST http://OVE_CORE_HOST:PORT/app/html/operation/refresh